James Alexander, Astrologer James Alexander Keuslinstraße 1 80798, München 089 95 44 31 23 astrologer@jamesalexander.de  NEWS / INFO Seasoned astrologer with over  20 years experience and an  expert birth time rectifier seeks  people with questions/concerns  about their lives for meaningful  discussion. Tip: Now, from the resources page,  the great Astro program by  Alexander Marr is available for  download.  It’s an older  program, but still an invaluable  resource for calculating several  obscure, but very reliable,  systems.  Stay Tuned! James' Natal Chart (Jul 3, 1962; 6:16:44 am CDT; Mt. Vernon, IL) James' Epoch Chart (Oct 2, 1961; 10:35:44 UT; Mt. Vernon, IL) Click a Chart to Enlarge